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    1200 gpr still doing 45

    I posted last week about my temp sensor and my ski maxing out @45.

    Thanks for the advice but I got it back together today with a d- plate and a sensor installed and it blubbers out of the hole and still wont go over 45.

    I think my middle cylynder may not be getting fuel because the the plug looked new after my ride. I know all 3 cylinder have spark because I tested them and all cylinders have 110 psi almost exact on each cylinder.

    any ideas? and how much are carb rebuild kits and if I do decide to have them rebuilt by a pro who do you reccomend.

    R/ Mike out of Jacksonville Beach Fl.

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    you can confirm your suspician of the carb not getting fuel on the trailer

    start ski up and just idle it, stop ski and pull plugs, they all should wet and oily

    carb rebuild kits are $50 to $75 for each carb

    any good mechanic could do it - Yami and Seadoo use the same carbs
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