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    2006 GPR power loss throttle body

    Hey everyone,

    I am fairly new to the forum and I have been doing some reading about GPR problems. I wanted to post a question to get everyone's opinion. I have a 2006 GPR 1300, bone stock. It has 68 hours on it. About a month ago we were out riding on a sunday and it was running great. Then all of a sudden the power just dropped off. I could not get it over 20 mph and the rpms would not get over 4000. I pulled off to an island checked the intake for clogs and the impellor...nothing found. I ran the self diagnositic and threw a code 01 - Normal operation. I broke down and decided to take it to the local yamaha dealer, because I figured they have the software and might be able to find something. They had it for a few weeks, ran the diagnostics and it did not throw any codes. Everything showed normal operation. Finally what they came up with was that there was a problem wrong with the throttle body. I was surprised it is not throwing any codes, but they said it is something wrong with the internal workings of the throttle body and the unit should be replaced (software would not pick up this problem).

    My question is does this sound correct and reasonable, based on anyone's experience. My second question is does anyone have a used one at a reasonable price. I saw some folks were posting parts. I would rather go this route, because yamaha quoted me a price of $1100 for the part (definitely not buying from them). Ideally I would like to get this ski fixed soon. I would like to trade in on a '08 Superjet. I am more into the stand up skis. I am fairly handy...more familiar with working on motorcycles, but I figured I can do this work myself. I just need the part. Any input would be much appreciated.

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    Call me later this evening Chris, 813 690 8373.

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    There ya go! Give Ross a shout.

    one question: there is a service bulletin for the 03-08 GPR`s for the throttle cable, was this recently done?

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    Ironically....yes I had that done while it was in the shop as well....they took it for a test ride after replacing the cable and they said it was still bogging and not getting over 20mph...i will give Ross a call this evening.

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    Maybe your catalytic converter took a dump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Maybe your catalytic converter took a dump.
    wow, wouldn`t the dealer have checked for that!?

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