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    Lets go faster!!! speed costs money!!

    Hey everyone I have a 94 750sl in good shape but I want to go faster what are the best mod's for this pwc. I know speed cost money so start out with cheep mod's and then I will get to the more expensive stuff. What the most HP you can get out of these motors with out spending a million dallors? I'm new to the pwc thing but i'm hooked after only a month of riding I love that you can fall off and not get hurt if you don't go flying off your not riding hard enough!!!

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    The faster you go the more it hurts..

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    Save your money and by a 97-00 pro 785 and you will have all the speed and power you want and if you need more you can mod the $hit out of it .

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    Group K Hammer Kit......

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    I agree with Lugs. If I had $1500 for the hammer kit, I would sell the 750 and find a Pro for about $2500. Still ahead of the game and a much newer ski

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