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    Unhappy Need Help Big time

    Hey all, So my ski, New to me 1996 sl 780 I had it out on the lake with the wifey and we rode almost 8 miles, then it died we tried to start it, but nothing, just a little click, so after getting towed back, going home and charging the battery I took it out again yesterday, launched it, rode about .8 miles, or 5 mins then it died again. Tried to start just got a little click but no turning over... I came back home and noticed 1 cell in the battery was low in acid, so I filled the cell and charged it, currently the gauge is reading 13.9 v so it seams charged... Is there anything else I could check before going on the water again and having to be towed? Also is there any way I can start it in my driveway and make sure it is running well? if so, how do I do this? Any advise is truely apreciated!

    Distraught and want to ride my new toy in Idaho!

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    You should see over 14 volts( at the battery not the mfd)with the engine running to know the ski is actually putting out a charge and not just running on battery power. Otherwise when you get below 10.5 volt on the battery, you will be getting towed again because it will stop firing. It will not hurt the ski to run a few seconds (maybe 10-15) without water to check this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loballa1 View Post
    ...1 cell in the battery was low in acid, so I filled the cell and charged it, currently the gauge is reading 13.9 v so it seems charged...
    I would not try to continue using that battery. A healthy battery must be able to supply voltage under load over time, not just sitting there. I suspect your battery has greatly diminished storage capacity, and cannot deliver decent voltage for very long.

    A PWC absolutely needs a dependable, healthy battery. Yours does not sound like it fits that description.

    If you can, buy a good quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type battery. I like the Deka brand AGM batteries, made by East-Penn. West Marine sells the same battery as the SeaVolt AGM. There are other brands of AGM battery.

    Cost for a good quality AGM battery would be about $100. Knowing your battery is 100% healthy is worth a lot more when you are on the water.

    With a young, healthy battery, the charging system should show about 11.x volts while cranking, and 14.x volts at the battery (not the MFD reading) with the engine running.

    10.5 volts is the absolute minimum voltage the CDI needs to have to supply spark while cranking, and you should have much more than 10.6 volts cranking with a good battery.

    When the engine revs up, the charging voltage should not change much, staying in the 14.x range

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