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    1993 SL750 fuel mixture

    I just bought a 1993 SL750, but unsure if I use a oil/gas mixture or is it seperated internally??

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    Arrow Polaris oil injection system - How to tell if it is still installed on a Fuji engine

    Quote Originally Posted by dubstylguy View Post
    I just bought a 1993 SL750, but unsure if I use a oil/gas mixture or is it separated internally??
    Download the 1992-1998 Service Manual, to start.

    The Owner's manual should be available from Polaris. Sign up, the download is free.

    From the factory, all Polaris PWC have a separate oil tank, which should contain TC-W3 specification 2-stroke oil.

    Some owners have removed or disabled the oil injection system, so you should check yours to see if the entire oil system is still present, per the Service Manual.

    The oil pump is on the side of the engine, below the carbs. It has oil hoses, one from the oil tank to the pump, then three from the pump to each carburetor.

    Usually these oil lines are clear plastic, and you can see the oil inside the hoses. The oil pump is connected to the carburetors with a cable or rod linkage, and the arm on the oil pump should move when the throttle is squeezed.

    This would be a normal, functioning oil injection system.

    If parts or all of the oil injection system are missing, then the owner has converted the engine to pre-mixed fuel+oil. The oil would then be added to the gasoline tank, in a ratio of 40 parts fuel to one part oil (aka 40:1).

    Often these pre-mix conversions would have a sticker or note near the gas filler cap, saying oil pre-mix, or just 40:1

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