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    1993 SL750 fuel mixture, just dont have a clue?

    I just got a 1993 polaris SL750 and replaced all the pistons as well as a jug, upgrading to the Mikuni triple fuel pump, new lines, put it all together, but I dont have a clue if I use a fuel mix in the tank or is it just seperated and done internally??? Also have a 1994, same thing. Any difference?? Thanks

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    The skis are basically the same except maybe the pumps. If you have a small tank on top of the gas tank that has a bluish tint to it, that would be the oil resevoir. The hose from that tank runs to the oil pump mounted to the engine under the carbs. There are three individual small hoses that run up to the flame arrestor housing at there respective carbs. If the oil pump is operative the oil will be pumped into the cylinders at a variable rate (depending on rpm and throttle position) via the carbs as the gas flows in. If this system is not in place on either of your skis then I can only assume the oil pumps have been removed or disconnected and you should mix tcw-III two cycle oil with your gas at a ratio of 40:1.(That is roughly 16 ounces of oil to 5 gallons of gas)
    Hope this helps.

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    Def. have a oil pump

    Thanks. It comfirmed my question. I just want to make sure before I start this thing, it'll work.

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