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    94 xp 650 problems

    The bolts that hold the muffler to the exhaust manifold keep coming out. Then right before i loaded it up. It tried cutting out on my and made a horrible scratching noise. Like metal to metal. Aftermarket head with 160 across both cyl. Nothing around impeller or shaft.

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    I'm guessing that you mean the tuned pipe is coming loose as the muffler is not bolted to anything. The muffler is the big can with the rubber strap holding it in place. On the XP the tuned pipe is a 2 piece unit that is clamped together the top piece is the tuned pipe and the bottom piece is called the tuned pipe cone.

    there are five bolts and one nut holding this unit to the exhaust manifold. As I understand it the main culprit for these getting loose are the rubber bushings are worn out or missing from the tuned pipe cone.

    I don't know what the noise you heard would be, but most likely the reason the Doo was cutting out is you were leaking exhaust into the hull and starving the engine of fresh air. You will need to buy a new gasket for in between the tuned pipe and the exhaust manifold because you will never get the old one to fully reseal. I found the gasket locally for about $9 and the bushing (you will need 4) and sleeve for $5 each.

    EDIT: also red locktite everything back together.
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    The headpipe bolts coming out / breaking on those is very common. You NEED to replace the items 21&20 in the pic above that shows the complete pipe... Those are the rubber dampening mounts for the pipe. Those wear down over time and start to snap the manifold bolts.

    If that doesn't change it, and neither does the red loctite, then I would be looking at a bent driveshaft creating excessive vibrations as well. That screeching noise could have come from the carrier bearing assembly and a bent driveshaft.

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    or a bad crank bearing siezing up.

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    i havent looked into it but i actually cranked down on the bolts and they held. One of the studs broke off so i only have three bolts holding the #3 pipe on. I did the compression test on it after it made the horrible noise. It never made the noise. I found some washers in the bottom of the hull, so they could have popped up into the shaft...?

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    figured out what is making the metal to metal noise. one of the shaft bearings is trying to freeze up and its actually stopping the engine.

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