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    Please help me :( Throttle stuck open 2000 GP800

    Hey guys, I'm new to the hobby and am having an issue with my ski I was riding it around today for maybe 3 hours earlier. Sometimes the throttle would get stuck just a bit, as in it took maybe 2 seconds to fully retract to idle, but after a few pulls on it it would be fine. It maybe happened to me twice out of the whole ride. Fast forward to just now when I go to take the ski out of the water. I get it out and my brother decides to see why the throttle is stuck. Well he blips it a few times and I assume he moved it to the FULLY OPEN position. Now the throttle is stuck! I turned the ski to flush it and you guessed it, it went full throttle and scared the **** out of me. I shut it right off. I bought the ski about a month ago, this is my first ski. I do not know much about them as you might have guessed. What do I do I live in Miami, the ski is a 2000 Yamaha GP800. Please help with any suggestions, they are greatly appreciated as I'am scared for my baby.
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