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    essentials to carb rebuild? 96SLX 780

    Guys, what parts are essential to carb rebuild on a 96 slx 780? I took both high and low needles out and cleaned. High seems like a little wear at the very tip. Low seemed fine. Are these standard rubber o rings or viton or something? If I knew the size maybe I could save some time?

    The rest of the carbs are real clean. Took the pilot and main jets out and they are very clean. What else am I missing? Gaskets are all in good shape and the pencil filters are clean and reusable?


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    I think they are metric and you can get them in the big kit from harbor freight
    just note there are 2 sizes one for the high and 1 for the low

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    Sweet. I got a harbor freight right up the street. Big kit??? Is this a oring kit I can walk in and ask for? I would imagine if I guess wrong in terms of size I could really have problems.

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    I would say the needles and seats, diaphragms, and springs would be crucial to a proper rebuild.

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