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    Is the ZXI 750 and 900 hull the same?


    I just got a 1995 ZXI 750 boat in mint condition minus the motor. I was wondering if I could put a 900 or 1100 motor in the boat. I understand that the electrics and driveshaft are different. I just need to know if the motor could fit.


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    yep, if you look in the bottom of the hull if its a 750 like you say you can actually see two other holes further back where the 900 motor mounts would have gone in assembly and the holes are filled so all the ZXI hulls are the same in 95 and can accomodate either motor.

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    I guess the better question is... Is it worth it?

    From what I understand I will need:

    a different electrical box.
    a different pump.
    a different driveshaft.
    A different exhaust.

    that should be it right?

    How hard it it to make 2 new mount locations? How do I put the inserts in for the mounts?


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    Quote Originally Posted by jpotts View Post
    I guess the better question is... Is it worth it?


    Nope. A 750 ZXI will run with a 900 ZXI if you got the right setup and you can outrun one if you got it setup correctly and alot better fuel mileage too!

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