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    2000 GTX Driveline Vibration?

    Took my 2000 GTX (951 carb motor) out today and seems like there is an engine vibration at idle (like there are weeds or grass stuck in the impeller). Ski has 120 hours (new engine has 6 hours). It accelerates and runs great (about 60 mph at 6800 rpm).

    Question: Could there be an impeller inbalance or wear ring or jet pump issue at low speeds (ie. idle) but are not appearent at higher speeds? I do plan to pull the jet pump off tomorrow just to see if there are any issues. Does not seem right but had to ask.

    Thanks for any ideas. Maybe I am being overly sensitive to 2 stroke vibrations due to riding my 4 stroke RXP most of the time.

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    So my worst fears are realized. The crankcase is broken by the balance shaft and the I found at least one of the balance shaft bearings in the bottom of the hull with parts of the case. Ouch! Asked my daughter if she happened to hear anything when she was riding last and of course she just was having a good time and never heard any bang or pop.

    Anyone have a 951 case assembly? The upper end had 6 hours but the lower end had 125 so I plan to rebuild the crank with a new/used case. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Hmm...sorry to hear that. Maybe put a WTB in the classifieds for a set of cases?

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