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    Exhaust Cover Keeps cracking (bolts come loose and it cracks) '99 Yamaha GP1200


    I have just purchased a used 1999 Yamaha GP1200 Jet Ski. I rode it for two days and the Exhaust Cover has cracked. The previous owner had said that the bolts holding it have a tendency to come loose. Once that happens, it cracks the exhaust cover. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the bolts tight? The piece i am talking about is (part #35 (it says yamaha on it)

    Please help me as this is my first Jet ski. Thank you.

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    Locktite... Or just take off the cover I would think would a good solution..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inkaddict View Post
    Locktite... Or just take off the cover I would think would a good solution..
    TJ,I don't think this is the same as a GPR cover this looks like part of the exhaust itself.Locktite should do the trick if not you could drill and wire the bolt heads.

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    The bolts need to be torqued to spec. with the use of the proper loctite. Is it cracking the bracket that bolts to the pipe also? Also, if the head has been milled, washers need to be placed under this bracket where it bolts to the head because it is putting the bolts, bracket and pipe in a bind.

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