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    stock P-X numbers

    Well finally GPS'd my P-X this past weekend. Only have 9 hrs on it thus far and it is completely stock.
    Anyhow, with 1/2 tank and somewhat sitting up I hit 68.9 and then 69.3 mph. Conditions were 80 (air) and 63 (water).
    There was a lot of boat traffic so there was always constant wake/waves. So I did not attempt to superman.
    Just wanted to share my #'s.
    time to add the stage 1 kit and few others in the coming week.

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    Great numbers! You are going to be even more impressed when you GPS with the stage 1 kit!

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    If you fill the ride plate holes, youll get over 70.

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    Fully intend to that this week. I just wanted to leave it stock for a bit, and take a GPS measurement to use as a reference point for when I start modding.

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