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    96 seadoo gsx problems.

    I know these old seadoo's with a 2 seater isn't as stable as the new 1's. Everytime i go on it with my friends, it seems like this thing wants to tip to the left if we put some weight on, like if u want to get off back to the shore and they lean left, the thing feels like it wants to flip. It never flips to the right though. The fins at the back are both still there. Is that just the way they design these seadoo's? Maybe the engine hull is more heavy to the left? I was curious to see if it was normal or is there something wrong with my seadoo. I asked a mechanic and he said it is normal on these machines. Hope someone can give me a 2nd opinion. Thanx.

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    Its normal, I had an SPI, now have a GS...we still turn it over all the time...seems like mine dumps me to the right more.

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