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    FS 2006 RXP's - North Carolina

    Selling a pair of 2006 RXP's - 215 HP supercharged versions....both excellent condition both under.......40 hours....26 and 38 as I recall from this weekend...Red and black color...with OEM covers. Freshwater only.....Completely stock except for metal supercharger washers...and one has a solas impeller. Extended warranty until May 2010. Clear NC titles in hand. Will take $14,500 for the pair with a 2007 2 place triton trailer....willing to seperate if someone is only looking for one.....I'll try to post some pic's tomorrow...

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    Can you email me photos of these?Thanks!!! GUITARHERO(formerly RXXMAN) EMAIL:[email protected]

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    Updates / Responses to Questions

    WARNING>>>> LONG REPONSE>>>>>>Sorry for the Novel here.....but Lots of PM's with lots of questions.....I will try to answer the majority here.....and tomorrow....been really busy...sorry

    1. Why are you selling?

    To tell you the truth I have been in experiment mode on what combination of skiis will work best for us....we live on Lake Norman and have 4 ski docks (Hydrohoist HP-II's) and on a given weekend will drop in an additional 2 stand-ups (Superjets)....I know 6 total....for me my wife and our 3 year old....but we like variety in our skiis. I have always typically run (2) 3 seaters (For Guests, trips to the restaurant, etc.) and (2) Waveblaster II's for fun....I upgraded one of my 3 seaters to a new FX-HO this year and was planning to use the RXP's as the best of both worlds between a 3 seater and fun replacement for the WBII's...(I have always been a yamaha guy...but yami just doesn't have a good cross-over...)..Issue is the RXP's are too fast as a guest ski......just the idle speed alone makes anyone other than my wife and I almost dangerous on them....and for me when I walk out on the dock I typically get on the WBII's....maybe I'm a creature of habit...or just old...I'm just as happy to ride the WBII as the RXP....although my wife wants to keep the RXP's....go figure....but since the RXP's are still worth alot (and almost never ridden)....and the WBII's (and the old WBI I am working on) are all almost completely worthless but the same fun for an old man....I'd rather keep the money in the bank....

    2. Have you had any problems with these if so what....and has any warrranty work been done

    Boat #1 - Had the stock ceramic clutch washers fail at about 22 hours.....I picked a dealer to service based on interviews with 3 local seadoo dealers to see who knew what was going on with the clutch washer issues....found one that knew the deal and was honest about all the issues....they had already fought with BRP on tear down and replacement of parts.....and had an "understanding" in place with the BRP they always removed the engine and did a complete disassembly....always replaced both oil pumps, and always swapped the supercharger, etc...) On mine they replaced both oil pumps, screens, and all the bearings......I stopped in several times during the process just to ensure they were doing it all...before they started they started the re-assmbly you'd feel comfortable having dinner from the inside of the cases....wonderful service guys.......they gave me a choice on the SC...either they would swap the entire thing with a new 2006 part (w/ceramics) or would rebuild my original with the new 2008 service kit (Shaft, bearings, gear, washers, etc....only the impeller, housing, and bolts were re-used) which has the new BRP washers....after looking at the S/C was perfect so I chose the rebuild route with metal washers......and new oil and filter obviously. In addition put a new wear ring on when it was in the shop

    Boat #2 - When boat one dropped the washers....put it on the trailer and did not ride it until I got the Riva Metal washers installed...put in a new wear ring and installed a Solas Prop....

    3. Are you the original owner??
    NO...I bought them last winter with about 18 hours on them

    4. Have you performed all the services on these?
    These have been dealer queens for everything....previous owners had oil changes and winterization all done via dealer...for good or far I have done the same....

    5. Do you have any relatives heading south???
    I have a friend from Texas who is stopping in July 11th - 14th who will be headed to Grapevine Texas (his home) from here....for a fee he's probably willing to tow them to Texas....had several folks from TX inquire...this may be helpful..... I am assuming he is driving his truck...he does about 95% of the time...but I need to verfiy.....I would require the use of some type of escrow service to ensure the money was there and a non-refundable deposit if you wanted him to help in the transport....

    6. Is the price negotiable?
    Nope.....this is a bargain....especially given the extended warranty to May 2010.

    7. Are there any scratches, etc.
    If you have not had a black boat yet....beware they show every scratch.....I love the color....but damn I'll be happy when the boat mfg's go back to white hulls...these 2 are not perfect....but in excellent shape....and I am very's the details

    Boat #1 - has one long scratch along the top of the rear rail...not through the paint and will likely buff out.....above the rail that is it....below the rub rail there are a few tiny nicks in the sea-doo lettering...and the bottom has some scratches......especially given that I store them on a lift......

    Boat #2 - Above the rail is clean....there is one gouge (about 3 inches long from missing the bunk on the trailer...) in the bottom of the hull....was dealer repaired by first owner....not a pretty repair but was only cosmetic anyway.....same hull scratches from the lift...and a few nicks in the lettering...

    8. How fast are they.....both run consistently 69 via GPS....once in a while I see 70 or even 71 on the dream meter...but they are 69 MPH boats....Solas Prop helps out the low and mid range....but top speed was unchanged....

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    1 worked well for me...they hold the title if you pay extra.. but they are pricey; about 150 for a 7K car i bought and had shipped to me.

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    NO-GO on the transport to Texas

    Thanks for the update on be an option if someone wants them shipped....talked to my friend this AM....with gas prices they took his wife's car as opposed to his truck.....and they've already been on the road for 2 weeks.....retired no-go on the cheap transport to Texas......
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