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    1992 Waverunner

    Near the end of the day my jet ski died in the water. I figured I was out of fuel as there was one bar showing on the guage. I have only owned these jet skis for about 6 months so I am still learning. I switched over to the reserve tank. The ski started and ran fine and I immediately went to the shore. I added what gas I had left in the can - approx 1 gal - and switched the fuel back to the "on position". It ran fine for about 15 seconds then it died if I tried to accelerate. I could get it to idle with the switch in the "on position" but if I switched it to reserve mode it would run fine. I assumed that when I added the gas it should have brought the level up enough to run with the switch in the "on position". Any ideas?
    Thanks for any help.

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    normally that would be the case.. you may have run it below where the level of the pickup tube actually is in the tank (the tube pressed into the filter doesnt quite go to the bottom of the filter assembly itself).. as you drove, the fuel sloshed enough to enable the fuel to be picked up... also the tank was under a small amout of pressure so it may change the shape of the tank slightly... I have found that you may have to fill it quite a bit after running out the it up to a bit higher rpm on the res. then switch it see if it sucks thru...

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    I dont no to much bout that ski in general but if its fuel lines are similar to the raider could it possible be that his fuel filter on the ON line got clogged since the reserve line doesnt have one it runs fine on it. Just my two cents

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    fuel system on the early wr hads two filters in the tank .. the later ones did go with the same tank but use only the one hole on the tank for the pickup system . the other was plugged off... To be honest I've never seen the later system other than in serv. manuels. if the not filtered, then yes, it may be a cloged main 'ON' line filter .. though if they used the same one the early one's did, its huge and there must be alot of crap in the tank to have clog'd it.... on another note, check the lines inside the tank too.... if one developed a crack ,it will suck air and not fuel if the level were to get down to that level of fuel...

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