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    99 Ltd1200 - D-plate V. Catcon

    I need help! Can someone tell me what is involved in replacing the catalytic converter with a d-plate? I hear that this is what I am suppose to do but my mechanic is sure what they are really talking about. He is an excellent mechanic and the only one available in my area. He said to find out some info on here and we'll go from there. My exhaust warning comes on and I am a little low on top end power. A cat system is $800. WOW!!!

    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance.

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    here is the d-plate link

    here is the chip link

    This is in the online store for this site.... enter "greenhulk" in the coupon space for 10% off...
    get that cat out... engine compartment temps will be reduced... also you will be able to run synthetic oil (better on the power valves)...
    even if the cat wasnt a problem i would remove it (mine looked fine when i took it out)... it is a 4 hour job probably... not that bad at all

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