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    Ordered a SBT 717 replacement engine.

    Just ordered a 717 engine from SBT for a 2001 GTI. We removed the old engine (0 compression PTO side, 100psi Mag side) over the weekend without any problems. Just curious if anyone would advise doing additional work while we have this thing torn down.

    Here is a list of things I am contemplating. Any helpful hints are appreciated.

    1. Replace driveline parts. Carbon ring, c-clip, etc.
    2. New starter. OEM starter works fine but has alot of corrosion on body.
    3. New impeller. Stock impeller is very chewed up, no choice here.
    4. Wear ring.
    5. Carb rebuild. Done last season but its out.

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    Check your crank for any slop and install bearings and seals as needed. If they need to be replaced, measure the base gasket as there are many different thicknesses with the various engine model numbers.

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    Hes getting a complete short block,he does need to do any of that.

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    I thought he was asking about the the block torn apart dude. He's waiting on the new one to arrive and only needs a top end rebuild on the other...though he was looking for suggestions towards the old one I know I wouldn't trash a good block if all it needed were pistons.
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    he will have to send for core UNLESS he's going to rebuild ?they will sock it to you if no core

    later cd

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    The first 2 words gave it away for me.... "Just ordered"

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    I don't know how that works...the way it seemed to me was while we have this torn apart meant the engine but hey, we all misread something sometimes right? Just one of those things, no worries no harm lads.

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    clean the inlet filters in those carbs while they are out.
    inspect your motor mounts.
    clean the corrosion on that starter up with some C.L.R.
    check all the hose clamps
    check and replace any fuel lines or hoses in question.
    clean the inside of the hull out.

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    Sorry for the confusion guys. We REMOVED the old engine and returned it after receiving the SBT engine.

    Also, another apology for abandoning this thread. Thank you all for taking the time to post responses and tips. Without all of the experience and sage advice from this forum, we would have never bothered trying to rehab this ski in the first place. Thanks again.

    We started this project as an 'educational' experience for my nephew. What started as an engine replacement has now blossomed into a complete overhaul of the ski. In addition to the engine we are replacing the starter, the oil tank (its cracked), all fuel lines, oil lines, driveline seals, impeller (looks like it was used as a garbage disposal), wear ring, and jetpump bearings.

    Since the original post we have received the SBT engine and almost have it ready to go back in. The last piece of the puzzle for us is the carburator settings (started a differnet thread on the carb) and waiting on the new oil tank.

    Our total costs to date are $1800 for all the replacement parts and a few special tools and $400 for the ski. So for around $2,200 he should have a reliable ski for a few years.

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