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    2001 XL800 Won't start after sitting

    Hi all,

    I acquired two 2001 Waverunner's a week ago, one XLT1200 and one XL800. Been having fun, but confirmed what I think is a problem with the previous owner.

    On the XL800, after picking up, I decided to change the plugs, perform the maintenance (lube the cables and zerks), run a tank of gas w/ Seafoam, and fill up the oil.

    Well, did all that, couldn't get the 800 started on land. Removed the plugs, confirmed spark, but noted plugs were dry. Squired a very small amount of starting fluid in spark plug holes, fired up, then started pulling fuel and all was well. Ran daily for a week in the water with no problems.

    Spoke w/ previous owner, he said "that 800 is stubborn. When it sits for a while, you have to pull the plugs, squirt in a couple drops of gas, and it will run fine." My observations are consistent.

    Old non-injected outboards always had a fuel primer this basically what I am doing? Or, is there a carb problem or something.

    This is my first post here, but from what I can see, I found a new way to spend my free time.

    Mike from Minnesota

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    they sell a primer kit that will replace the chokes and help with starting

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