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    No crank issue XL700

    I'm new to the forum and hope someone might be able to lead me in a direction of where to start with a no crank situation on a 2001 Yamaha XL700. I had to sell a couple of nice Yamahas of larger size due to lake restrictions and now find myself in possession of a slightly used & abused former rental unit that fits our hp limit on our lake. I picked it up cheap and although it needs a lot of cosmetic help, it ran decent when I got it. A few minor tune up issues , plugs, charged battery, etc. and I put it on the water. Had it out the first time though, and it quit running. Cranked over shortly a couple times and then all went dead. Brought it back and replaced the battery with a new fully charged one and found it still to be totally dead. Looked at the fuse in the electrical center and it was blown. Hooray I thought... here's the problem. Replaced the fuse, still dead - no crank. Checked the handlebar switches and they functioned as they should - voltage in and out, tether switch functions, starter button power in & out when depressed. As I chased it down to the electrical center, the starter relay had power to it from the button but the whole electrical plate has no ground so there is no completion of the circuits to ground for anythind on it to function. Last night I downloaded the service manual ( thanks to those who put them out there for us) and in looking at the electrical schematic, I'm at a loss as to determine where the plate gets it's ground from. If I run a ground jumper lead from the neg battery to the plate, the starter cranks but there is no spark. After 3 or 4 times of that, it will crank without the jumper but only for a brief second of engagement. After 2-3 cranks like that, it goes dead again and has to be regrounded. Never has spark though. I've concluded that there has to be an issue with whatever supplies ground to the electrical mount plate. Could this revolve around the shut off system or maybe the coil? Or am I totally overlooking the obvious? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jeff

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    I would check the stator values!

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    I'll send u a better manual so you don't need to see 4 languages

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    Thanks for the info, It looks as though there is an issue with the harness from the charging coil to the electrical center. The cover sheathe is all bunched up where it enters the engine and as I fiddled with that, I got it to crank normally so I'm suspecting a loose or broken wire somewhere in that vicinity. I'm digging in to it tonight. I will check the stator values also while I'm going through everything else.

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