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    Question '95 SL750


    I bought this ski used 2 years ago from a dealer who "rebuilt" the motor. I don't know any service history.

    After two tanks of gas and break in, I wanted to see what she could do. I was riding full throttle and she just died. It started again and I took off. Once again, it died. It started but was only running on two cylinders. Once on shore, I removed the plugs and noticed a hole blown right through the center of the PTO piston. The hole was the size of a pea.

    Not being ski savvy, I took it to a local dealer who rebuilt it. They took it down to the crank to make sure that no metal fell through and rebuilt the 3rd cylinder. The ski had a hard time getting up to speed when cold and I had to use the choke to get her to go. I know, NEVER do that (what a dumb a$$ I am)(Well, now I know).

    Well, about 10 hours of riding after the rebuild she blew again. Same cylinder, same size hole.

    The dealer warrentied the job and rebuilt it again. This time, they rebuilt the carbs and changed the jetting.

    From all the wonderful advice from this board, I am going to change ALL fuel lines, install new 3 port fuel pump, gas selection valve, and the gas check valve this weekend.

    I put her in the water yesterday (on the trailer) and ran it for about 10 minutes and had the LED light blinking with it showing "FUEL". The tank is full. I had the battery out over the winter, so I tried to "re-set" it, but I still have the same indication. Also, there is no speed showing nor distance/hours. RPM's and oil level read fine.

    Here are my questions:
    1. What else can/should I do to make sure I don't blow the PTO piston again?
    2. What is the Multi-Function guage telling me?
    3. If I can't fix her, who wants to buy a beauty?

    Thanks for all the help and advice, I don't think I would consider keeping her without all the knowledge on the board as I am sure somebody can help me cure her.

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    The fuel float inside the fuel sender are known for getting gas logged and sinking. Randy at has the floats.

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    Thanks, I will give Randy a call.

    By the way, thanks for the service manual Beerdart

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    1. Check your piston wash as that tells what is going on internally. You'll see a problem developing before it leaves you with a toasted piston, AGAIN.

    2. Gauge is most likely the fuel float like Beer said

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