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Thread: 97 Sxt 1100

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    97 Sxt 1100

    After looking on the forums it looks like I am one of the few that ride a SXT 1100 and I was curious if any knew of a good site or some upgrades to do to this ski? It is a great ski and is very stable! Not sure if the speedo is messed up but it read 59mph one clear afternoon! Although it seems after I want to try to get a little more out of the ski Thanks!
    I bought the ski about 2 years ago and it appears to be stock and runs great!

    Any other upgrades would be greatly welcomed also

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    How much you wanting to spend? Stock speed is about 56 tops on a real good day. Someone on here was selling a rideplate for it awhile back. Look at GroupK's website, they do a big write up on that ski and what they did to make it faster.

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    Most stx 1100s run arround 52 that is what mine has gps'd. I havnt really tried to get more out of it. Now when I get on it it feels broke after being on my ultra.

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    So your telling me that the speedo is off? ha well dang....atleast it kept up with a stock 07 gti
    well after seeing that $1000 they want you to put in the ski I think i might be looking to just add speakers and wait till i can afford the 250X haha

    *please let me win the lottery and ill show all those rich seadoo kids up (hate those rich guys)*

    but this was a lucky find it had like 50 hours and was stored for 4 years and it runs GREAT

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    try to get flame arrestors, maybe a prop and rideplate off ebay.

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    Evolution marine make a ride plate but the stock F/A's are actually really good for power.

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