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    adding reverse to a vx 110 sport???

    Just bought an 05 vx110 sport for a good price and i was curious if there was an option for me to buy parts individually as a kit to add reverse or if i have to find parts from a "parts" deluxe. Not a major deal, but i'm building this ski for my wife's satisfaction so she'll let me buy an sho for myself next year Thanks in advance!

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    Urgh, sounds like a lot of work. Might be easier to sell that ski and buy one already with reverse. There's a lot of cables and levers and brackets and...

    Sorry don't mean to be a buzz kill.

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    yeah, would cost way more than it is worth afraid you are going to have to sell and get one with reverse or buy a paddle, sorry

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    find a donor vx 11o deluxe and it seems like it would be straight forward ! I added it to my xl 700 ran me around 100 for used parts and a new cable

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