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    Old Kawa 750 SS 2 seater overheating ???

    Will run for about 30 minutes straight then engine will only idle or go about 1/8 throttle, after it cools off, runs about 5 minutes then does the same thing, still water coming out the side of the hull, doesn't look like a restriction, do these older models have a problem with the overheating sensor making it run in safe mode ??? Never came across this with the 3 previous stand ups I've had.

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    Does it have a one way check valve around the fuel tank? I had a 300 stand-up with one and the check valve sealed too well. It wouldn't let the fuel tank breathe properly as they're supposed to let a little air in and vapour out. But after the first 15 minutes or so the tank would implode eventually dragging it down to idle speeds. Allowed it to sit for 10-15 minutes, it was fine until it inhaled that tank again. If you have a little white round filter like valve on the vent lines you will need to take a small drill bit and poke a hole in it. That's what they did at the shop when I was new to the sport and all was fine ever since.

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    Is the motor hot? You should be able to (carefully) touch the cylinders for a short period of time without being burnt.

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    Did you rebuild??????

    Same thing happened to me the first time and i figured out I put the head gasket on backawards.. Fixed that and all is well

    Where are you located?

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    next time you are at the water, pull the hose off the head and see if you have water coming out. iF you have water coming out the head, you have a blockage downstream, if tyouhave water coming out of the exhaust and not the head you have a block full of crap. (do you ride in a river or the shallows)

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