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    VX smoking after complete roll over

    Only smoked for 2-3 minutes but what caused it? wife and kids rolled it over sitting still? How? I do not know, we were in the gulf of mexico no chop to speak of. Only upside down for a minute max they could not roll it over so I jumped off mine and spun her over from the rear deck. Waited 5 minutes for oil to flow back down then cranked it and it smoked bad for a couple of minutes but ran fine rest of the day

    3 digital cameras and 1 Blackberry Pearl were sacraficed in the glove box that sucked seeing how I drowned my Blackberry last month at the lake mine came back to life but the salt water killed the wifes!

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    Even though you waited for the oil to drain back down, there probly was a little left that seeped past the rings when it was upside down. If it runs fine now I would not worry about it.

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    I keep my electronics in a ziploc bag.... Don't use great value! Hehe... I killed my cell phone this weekend when the el cheapo sandwich bag leaked...

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