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    HELP! MSX 110 turbo pressure drop


    Last weekend I jumped wawes and after a jump suddenly the turbo pressure is dropped almost half and the engine started to howling.
    The jet is starting and running on the button. Top speed around 40,
    turbo pressure around half on the meter. Whining noise coming from the engine room.
    Can anyone help me where to start the troubleshooting?

    Thank You!

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    Check engine light coming on? Can you remember the RPM's that you were topping at, when you were only able to go 40?

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    No lights coming on! RPM around 4500 at 40 and the howling noise is continous!
    Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokaiattila View Post
    ...No lights coming on!
    RPM around 4500 at 40 and the howling noise is continous!...
    Have you checked for hoses or clamps that have come loose around the turbo and the air intake?

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