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Thread: new owner FX15

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    new owner FX15

    Well have to say this is the best ski i have every been on. I was gonna get a Yamaha SHO but the sales man was a total ass. So i get great service, a honda ski, and an awesome ride.

    The handling is very crisp. The ski is a three seater but very agile. It can cut through the water with ease.

    Only thing i don't like is how low the handle bars are. I like to ride standing and also sitting but standing on the ski the handle bars are tooo low and im only 5'7"

    Why do ppl stare at me when i go WOT past them? Am i really goin that fast?

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    The Honda is a great ride it keeps coming to the top of my list but I'm having a hard time getting over the sticker shock.

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