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    07 Speedster 215 SC HELP!!!

    Looking for help or advice on my 07' Speester 150 215 SC. Had it out this past weekend (3rdtime in water) and for the first time had great power loss (2000 rpms/15 mph). Seems like there's just half engine power instead of full throttle. Top speed went from almost 60 to 40. Heard a ton of possibilities but boat was running fine when put on trailer last weekend and now is a dog upon hitting the water. Bought boat with 15 hours and it now has 23 on it. Any suggestions?
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    Ceramic washers of the supercharger are blown and crunched into the engine oil pan now...yes....just another victim...!

    Supercharger must operate between 6K to 8+K so if you hardly can not get it past're done with them.

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    What's the fastest and best solution? Any engine damage possible?

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    Hey it does sound like your S/C has failed. What you can do it pop the intake boot to your S/C and stick your finger in there (while engine is off) and try to spin the impeller. If it free spins then yeah your ceramic washers have failed, broken and now in the bottom end of your engine. Lucky emissions warranty will take care of this problem for about 4-5 years after purchasing. Make sure you take it somewhere that removes the motor and disassembles the bottom end to remove all debris. Then make sure they rebuild your S/C with the updated kit that now has Titanium washers instead or ceramic.

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    Thanks again!

    So, taking it to the dealer I purchased it from should handle the issue for me under warranty? Thanks and still appreciating any feedback and help! Anything I could have damaged while running the boat with the washers in the pan? How do I approach the Lucky Emissions warranty?

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    What is the Lucky Emissions warranty?

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    He means... lucky for you, the warranty will cover it. Check out the "SC Clutch Failure" link to the left.

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