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    What are the two holes?

    I have a question for the Tech's. Could someone tell me what the two holes are in the Starboard side of my Wake? There are two little holes in the hull under the bumper railing. One is Red & the other is Blue. I have looked in my manuel with no luck. I know they are on the 05 RXP's as my friend has them too but like me he dosn't have a clue eather.
    If they are some type of engine H2O release, I have never seen them have anything come out of them.
    Thank you in advance for the answer.

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    Vents ...Battery /fuel to be specific the battery is for leak off

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    Thank you, I knew they were there for a reason.

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    There are actually 3 vents. 2 down by the rub rail and the 3rd is some other gas vent located on my rxp behind the green plastic piece near the reverse lever.

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