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    1997 SLT780 Oil sending unit

    Last season, the oil sending unit on my 97 slt780 came out from the top of the tank. The oil light started flashing so I stopped and checked it, it was splashing oil out as i rode. I usually keep the oil full, and still had about half a tank left. My question is how can i go about fixing this. I bought some plastic and rubber epoxy to stick the sending unit back on. Are there anyother options to fix this or am i on the right trail? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've heard some guys wrap it with some tape (dont know which tape as it seems to me it would deteriate over time) and then clamp it into the oil tank.

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    ph2ocraft, i used duct tape as a temporary fix, the tape did deteriorate after awhile tho. I also thought about using a hose clamp with rubber around it to keep from rubbing a hole in the plastic tank. This doesn't seem to be a common problem, as the local dealer had no idea what i was talking about. It looks like it just sat in the tank with no real holding mechanism in place that i can see. Thanks

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    I've had this same issue on my SLT and also my buddies 01 Virage. I tried putting an O-ring on the sender cap but it would just push to the top and not seal anything. So then I just cleaned all the oil from the cap and tank hole it fits in w/ Brakleen and gave it a good bead of RTV adhesive sealant and it seems to be holding just fine....

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