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    2002 waverunner xlt, wont start

    Waverunner died in the water, brought it in, acting like dead battery, wont turn over, wont even click, anyone have any idea's, we have reset code, checked fuses, shaft turns, doesnt seem seized.

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    Did you check the battery connections?

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    Yes, we did check the connection, start will display, but thats all no beeping or anything else, machine worked great no know problems

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    Hello, 1 st post may have some help. My GP1200 98 did this just a few weeks ago while on the Jacksonville River Rage. Dead on water but the dash lights up, no noise anywhere. I use a screwdriver and tapped on the box where the sparkplugs come out. There is a starting relay in mine that was getting stuck and would not start. I would tap while pressing the starting button. Replaced it and starts everytime now. Good luck

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    We have jumped the starter and the impeller moves, although it doesnt sound very good, sounds like something scraping

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    starter relay...

    Although I wouldn't think that would make it die on the water, I've seen it before.

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    When it rolled over (jumping) it made a scraping noise is this normal?

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    Ok so we fixed the relay, it rolled over with scraping noise coming from the impeller, so we tried rolling over a few times, heard a loud clank noise, then it would roll over but the impellar doesn't move, anyone have any suggestions??????????

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    pull the rope out lol, sounds like its seized some what man.

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