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    1) how the heck do I get my stock grips off LOL? I ordered riva grips and couldn't get my stockers off via pulling, struggling, razor knife, unscrewing the nut in the side.

    2) I just installed my riva O.P.A.S. removal kit. Is the difference between that and the stock handiling very noticeable? also what do I do with the two rubber pipes I pushed inside the hull?

    3) Can I customize my on handlebars w/o ordering the umi setup? If so what will I need?

    I would appreciate any help and please don't flame me LOL


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    The grips should come off once you loosen the nut on the inside of the grip. Handling will be a little different without OPAS, but once ride it for a while, you won't even remember they were there....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRoX85 View Post
    1) also what do I do with the two rubber pipes I pushed inside the hull?
    Remove them!!

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