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Thread: wtb mpem

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    wtb mpem

    looking for a good used mpem part number 278 001 499 thanks keith 610-392-6065

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    Whats it for ???

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    xxx1499 was for 99 XPL
    xxx1526 superceeds xxx1499 and was in 00-02 XP & RX carb model skis

    i think i have an extra xxx1526 (i think w/ key) lying around as a back up to my back up. i would need till weekend to find & put it in a ski and test. i doubt it would have timing code marked on it. email if interested and i'll look - if i have i could ship in most of us for 250

    [email protected]

    BTW - i think 1499 had a little better/aggressive timing curve for a OEM programmed mpem.
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    cancel- I have a gtx mpem, but no trim function- sorry
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