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    Keeping the bow locker organized?

    Do any of you more experienced PWCers have any tips on keeping the gear in your bow locker from ending up a jumbled mess?

    I'd like to be able to keep my fenders & dock lines on top so I can easily reach them by leaning over the handlebars, but with all the bouncing around, stuff is in a random place every time I open the thing. (and my neatly coiled lines come loose, any food or remotely breakable item not in an armored container is destroyed, etc.)

    I wish the compartment had some tie-down loops in it, instead of just smooth plastic. Are you listening Yamaha??

    This is probably a losing battle, but...

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    Use a Velcro strap inside. Like this one. You can use a rivet to attach it.

    Fabricated Straps

    FASTENation, Inc. offers Fabricated VELCRO® Brand straps!

    These straps are produced out of genuine VELCRO® Brand fasteners. They offer a grommet for secure fastening to walls or other devices. Each strap has the hook and loop ultrasonically welded to provide a strong long lasting bond.

    Suggested Applications:
    • Outdoor Applications
    • Cable Management
    • General Use
    • Hunting/Fishing
    • Medical
    • Cinching
    Only available in Black.

    Check out these cases also to put your keys, wallet, camera etc in.

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