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    removal of slx grate

    hi all. can anyone help me as to how i get the intake off of my slx1200. looking at my new one its a screw and a bolt but when feeling around the inside of my ski i cant feel any bolt.
    cheers lee

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    Usually there is a screw on the bottom, that goes up into a threaded insert in the hull. Some of the early hulls I think used a through bolt and nut, but most hulls have the insert.

    You remove the single screw from under the hull, at the front end of the intake grate. Then work it loose from the slot at the back where it fits into the ride plate.

    Be sure to apply Marine grade sealant around both ends of the new grate, to smooth the water flow, and prevent any up-down motion at the ride plate end.

    Before you install the new grate, take a moment to verify that it fits nicely against your hull. Sometimes there are high spots than need to be filed down, so the grate fits nicely.

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    cheers mate manage to get the screw out. now just trying to seperate grate from hull but sealent is holding it on tight any suggestions. doesnt seem to be any sppace to slide a plade down .

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    There is a lip on the plate that slides under the rideplate. So pull down the front and wiggle forward.

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    thats my problem mine has been bonded at the front and cant get it off to then remove it from the ride plate

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    Hey I had to take my grate of My 95 sl750 to remove a small wood chip from the impeller. What do you reccomend for "marine grade sealant" to use when I put the grate back on?

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