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    06 rxp top speed

    hello guys im a newbie to the forum and recently became a proud owner of an 06 sea doo rxp (215hp). the original owner had this ski sitting for most of its life its in like brand new cond. and it has 49hrs on it. i took it out this past weekend to the keys and i wasnt able to get it over 62 on the dash which i know isnt really 62 on flat water. ive ridden a friends 04 and it has no problem reading 70 on the dash. the vts is the only thing not working on the ski. if you guys have any idea what could be up with the ski id greatly appreciate your guys ski. and i def. dont appreciate my buddys brand new SHO beating me in the waves and creeping on the flats

    p.s. i changed the oil on it and put new plugs before it even hit the water

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    welcome to the forum.

    My wife's bone stock RXP run's 67/68 mph on gps.

    if they have not been changed, I would remove the supercharger and have the metal washers installed. The ceramic washers have a history of breaking.

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    Check your fuses up front where the storage compartment is...Might be a blown fuse for the vts. VTS unit could be bad but before your jump to that conclusion put the key on the ski and try to move the vts, listen for the motor or have someone watch.

    As for your speed it could be because of your vts not working... It might be all the way down. Other then that does the ski calvitate?

    Check out these links, there is A LOT of important info you need to read.

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    i really appreciate your guys help thanks alot

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