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    I have a 1993 Polaris SL750 it cavitates more than I like. I was wanting to know if I got an aftermarket water inlet gate if that might help. Thank you for your time.

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    Hi and WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums chillin!!
    I moved you to the general section so you'll have a little more exposure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straightchillin View Post
    I have a 1993 Polaris SL750 it cavitates more than I like...
    What exactly are the symptoms you want to fix?
    High revving without enough thrust?
    Missing top speed?

    Is your impeller stock?
    Damaged or worn around the outside edges?

    What clearance do you have between the impeller edges and the wear ring?

    Have you checked that the drive shaft or coupler is not slipping?

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    I would just look at the wear ring. If it is worn down replace it. Try to replace it on your own too. I was talking to a dealer about getting mine replaced soon and they REALLY rip you off. They said about $100 for the part and $400 for the labor!!

    As for the intake grate I have not really heard anything about the grates on Polaris'. I know that the stock intake grate on the GPR's is very bad, but that is another topic...

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    Old SL's were prone to a bad seal at the pump shoe. It's been recommended to remove the shoe, clean the old silicone off and re silicone the shoe back on. My 94 had a problem with it, and that helped alot.

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