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Thread: msx water spout

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    msx water spout

    my girlfriend see's yamaha's and sea doo's going across the water with those water spouts out the back is there an easy way to incorporate this into a msx 140?

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    ive definately thought of the same type of modification because i also like the yamaha's design. It just seems like it'd be too much work for an unnecessary mod. i think the biggest thing would be plugging the old hole in the back of the ski, to do it right would not be worth it. you would have to fiberglass it, bondo it, primer and paint it just to make it look as though it was never there.

    but you probably could find an easy way to plug it, just not sure how good it would be....either way, im going to look into it for sure tonight.

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    Not sue if you want to do it. It is called a "visibility spout" in term of YAmaha. Safety feature. Can be an annoyance also for some.

    There is a nipple off the top of the reduction nozzle and a hort aice of hose that goes thru the hull via a plastic water fitting.

    On the GPR it is part numbers
    35,36 hose and clamp

    Second pic below is part number

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    It really seems like there is no easy way at all to do this on a msx.

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    ok i had some time last night to look into it, and there are a few issues...
    i looked for quite some time and i cannot find where ours shoots out from..
    i then went ahead and read through the downloadable msx 140 service manual and i couldnt find it there either after an hour and a half of reading. if anybody could point me in the right direction to where it is, i will definately make a tutorial on how to do it with detailed pictures and instructions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by durkinz View Post
    ...I looked for quite some time and I cannot find where ours shoots out from...
    Umm, the Polaris MSX (nor any other Polaris PWC model) does NOT have a waterspout feature from the factory.

    Yamaha brand jet skis have the water spout, not Polaris.
    The diagram posted below is for a Yamaha PWC.

    To add a waterspout to the MSX, you would have to add the hardware that Yamaha uses to the MSX, making whatever modifications would be needed to fit it to the hull and jet pump.

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    ahh ok, thanks alot K447....i was under the impression that the "water spout" (i hope that is what its called...not sure) was the used water from the engine cooling system. I really shouldnt assume stuff lol since i dont have much knowledge of these ski's and i keep making the wrong assumptions. haha but either way i just figured that wherever the water exits from the engine you could maybe re-route to look in a similar fashion to the yamaha... i actually dont even know if the pressure in which the water leaves the motor would be quite enough to equal anywhere near the same height as a yamaha achieves.. also i wouldnt know where to start to just add the yamaha's parts to our skis and make it work, I mean if i installed the parts seen above in the closest area equivelant on our ski, would it even function correctly? lol, im just not sure if i want to find out that answer...i dont know.

    am i right on any of this? thanks guys for your input, im seriously learning so much from this website its really awesome. especially from K447! thanks again!

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    Very simple...

    Add an electric bilge pump (which every ski should have anyway, shame on Polaris!!!) and then cut your syphon bilge tubes that protrude into your pump nozzle flush. Tee them together and you'll shoot water to the moon.

    Or, what I would do, is leave everything as is and drill and tap a fitting anywhere into the pump nozzle and shoot water to the moon.

    Very, very simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyA View Post
    Or, what I would do, is leave everything as is and drill and tap a fitting anywhere into the pump nozzle and shoot water to the moon.
    Very, very simple.
    which part do u mean? in this picture i circled two areas not sure which part you were talking about because theres only a pump housing and a steering nozzle, not a pump

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    It is at the pump end from item #7 you will need to look at the pump nozzle it is not shown in the pic.

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