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Thread: now what ?

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    now what ?

    I have changed alot in the last couple of months still wondering whats the next step.............

    -ported 1300 with valves
    -riva efi
    -free flow
    -riva heads 160 comp. running wth 93 gas
    -riva pump shoes
    -d plate
    -3 degree timing key
    -14/20 prop.........pitched 14 /24 rpms at 7130
    -05 pump
    -jetworks double mod
    -r&d 800 intake grate
    -r&d rideplate mod 4
    -v force 3 reeds with spacer
    -free flow

    it used to bounce like an animal now a monster in the chop

    max speed 76.3 all test runs where in the 76's

    do i repitch to get rpms higher if so what do you think will be the difference? more speed?

    do i blue print pump intake grate and hull ???
    keel kit mod???
    whats next???
    looking for more speed.

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    Do the hull mods (use the search), trueing the hull, filling shoe, rideplate and tab holes...Leave the pump alone unless you want to experiement with different prop/pump changes. Not sure about the keel mod, I get Green Hulk's 800 grate for safety reasons. Search the mod trick thread and change the little things..inches will equal feet at some point and you can pick mph.
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