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Thread: Cyl not firing

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    Cyl not firing

    I have a 1999 polaris sltx with the 1050 and one of my cyl's is not firing. Its getting oil but not too much cause I took the plug out and turned it over. It's getting fuel from what I can tell too, but I'm not sure on that one. Out of the water it rev's all the way up but once it gets in the water it bogs down to like 4000 rpm's. Any idea's for me to work on tomorrow?

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    check for water leaks.....your cooling system may leak inside your piston..that cause the spark plugs to get wet...

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    Ok, I'll check today, but I think its more of an oil problem. It looks like there is a lot of oil on the spark plug everytime I pull it out.

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    Make sure you have a strong spark on all three cylinders. If the cylinder is not firing, the plug will get wet with unburned oil+gas.

    Also, check that really do have good compression on all three cylinders.

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    Ok, I checked the spark and the compression this morning. The spark was good on all three cyl's and the compression. But the plugs were pretty wet when I pulled them. so I cleaned them first and then check the spark. So maybe they were too wet. But they fired for a second then died.

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    Ok so the pto cyl is the one that is the problem. it keeps getting fouled. I put a new spark plug in and it takes off like hell for a second then the rpm's start coming back down to about 3000. Any suggestions?

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