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    7 meter great white caught in aussie lake

    we got it all here, all creatures great and small....great white in this case haha

    come ride our lakes, it's garenteed to get the adrenilan pumping
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    Quote Originally Posted by izz0 View Post
    we got it all here, all creatures great and small....great white in this case haha

    come ride our lakes, it's garenteed to get the adrenilan pumping

    Wow thats pretty crazy! Imagine seeing it while your riding at the lake.

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    Seems like he might be a credible witness but someone needs to explain to me how an old man can get a 21' shark in an cast net and keep it by his boat.

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    i thought the only large shark that could live in fresh water was a bull shark?

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    the bull shark is the only one that can live and fresh, they breed in it too but that lake aint fresh water....

    duke the guy does indeed sound reliable and obviously knows the waters very well being a pro fishaman and all, in fact he appears to know them well enough for the local authorities to take him seriously.

    theres some rather big fish down here and whites are quite common but i have never in all my years (33 of them) heard of a white being seen in a lake environment.... bull sharks get netted way up river in qld etc.. all the time, so much so no one even blinks an eye lid but a white , no never.

    personally i would be more worried about being in the water with a bull over a white but to be honest both would scare the **** out of me, its just bulls are very well known for eating people and they are in fact suspected of being behind most reported white pointer attacks globally.

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    This lake appears to be a marine estuary...

    An adult Great White would have to have come in from the open ocean, possibly it got confused and ended up in the estuary... are there inlets coming from the ocean?

    I looked it up on the Google satellite image, I see what appear to be three canals or inlets directly to the west of Chittaway Point leading to the ocean, (on Terrilbah Island called "The Entrance") but it seems very shallow at the mouth unless this is low tide image...?
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