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Thread: WTB Wear ring

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    WTB Wear ring

    I have a 98 XPL there is a sticker on it for a Skat Trak impeller. The ski is cavitating badly on take off and at 7000 RPMs I am only getting about 61 on GPS out of it. I figure from what I have heard wear rings arent big money so if I am going to take it aprt I might as well have one to put in if it is in fact bad. Are there differnt ones for different impellers? Are the metal ones hard to change. Does anyone have one or know where I can order a decent one?

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    they are all the same dimension wise for the 15mm pump. i don't like the metal ones unless it's for one of my race pumps. too much risk of wrecking other parts. the wear ring is the thing you wnat to fail if somethign goes wrong.

    shoudl cost about $40-50

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