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    prop threw blade!

    I thought I had seen it all! Was riding my RXP and my son was riding the RXT when he stopped and said he
    had a bad vibration. I got in the water and looked and found out the grate had pulled the inserts out again. I rode it back slow at about 15mph because I have lost
    one grate before. When I got it out of the water I found one blade had thrown off and was inbedded in the pump vein! The reason the grate came out was due to the vibration. Took everything apart and could not find where anything had hit it. Must have been defective from the start. It is a solas 1520R. To beat it all my head gasket blew for the second time on my RXP the same day.. Some days just are expensive!

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    Sorry to heard that!! I had a SKAT 15/19 bend a blade over but not as serious is yours. Snap some pictures..

    Good luck,


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    block and head probably need to be decked...

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    wow....thats crazy......hope ur up and running soon

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