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    WTB R&D 800 grate

    Let me know what you got. Dont have the money right now to get the SS one so for now I will have to settle with this.

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    I have a used one that was modified by someone on the boards, don't use it, been sitting on the shelf. Haven't tried it out either. Make me an offer. Its been smoothed and cleaned up.

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    how does 85 shipped sound, sorry if this is low Im not even sure what they go for new. This being smoothed out is it gonna be more prone to cracking. Do you think it is at least gonna give me the same speed gain as a stock 800 grate. I just wanna use it for speed runs and was told I would pick up about 1.5 mph over the 1200 grate.

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    Did you find you 800 grate? got one brand new, used couple times, it's stock.

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    yep sorry shooter hooked me up.

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