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    Oil leaking near SC

    So I've been noticing oil leaking near the SC.

    At first I thought it was water but then after touching it I knew it was oil.

    It seems to be leaking from the little allen bolt near the SC. On the side where the SC attaches to the engine.

    I was wondering if this happened to anyone before?

    I thought about putting abit of black permatex silicone but I figured I'd ask the guru's first

    I also tried tightning it but it barely moved. So I just don't understand why its leaking..

    It's also not leaking much... just enough to notice a small puddle. Oil level is still perfect.


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    This is a pretty common problem. Remove the plug and put teflon tape or thread sealant on it and reinstall it. Problem solved.

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    Glad to hear

    I wasn't sure if there was pressure or if the oil level was higher then the plug so I didn't want to remove it.

    Teflon tape we shall!

    Thanks Jerry!


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