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    Crank Seals on old JS440

    Hi, I hope who in knowledgeable in old Kaws can verify something for me.
    I have an old 440 that I used to ride and was putting it back in the water after a few years away. It started backfiring and I noticed flame-out from the side of the case seal, so I bought a new gasket set from a guy on ebay.
    Long story shorter, I found the crank key had sheared (why, I don't know, it ran fine the last time I had it out) and so the flywheel was sliding around. Crank was only minorly abraded from this. SO... I didn't get to it until a little while ago (from last year, natch) and just noticed a difference in the crank seals in the kit. There are three, two "inner" and one "outer". Looking (now) at the online fiches, there are apparently two versions of crank. (my engine is not original, so I'm not sure what year it was) My coupler on the end of the crank is held on with a large bolt in the center of it, with the coupler just being pressed on. (pretty damn hard to pull off BTW). It looks like the other type was threaded onto a threaded crankshaft.

    I emailed the guy I bought it from. He said he "researched" it, and the two inner seals are the same for either version. He said the outer one does "not do anything at all", since this engine was made originally for a ship's bilge pump on large ships. I've never heard this. Is this BS? The front crank seal is definitely now in tatters, this rear "outer" one isn't as bad, but is worn enough that I'd replace it. Should I call him out on this, or is it OK to forget about it? And are the inner seals really exactly the same? I sure don't want to go through the hassle of pulling this again.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    It sounds like you have a 77 motor with the different case. I'm not sure if they will fit but I'll try and find out for you.

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