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Thread: want more speed

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    How Do i get more speed inexpensively

    I have a 1999 Yamaha gp 1200. I can get it up to around 52 mph and the speedometer will sometimes get to 55-57 mph. My brother just purchased a 1999 sea doo gtx and says he's gonna smoke me. I need some more speed, I can't let that 10' sea doo beat me. please help!!!!!!

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    want more speed

    I have a gp1200. At full throttle i usually get about 50mp...sometimes it very quickly shows 52..55.. How can i make it go faster?


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    First dont worry unless somethings wrong you should win stock vs stock a couch (gtx)
    Second get a gps speedo is always wrong 53 is wrong its gonna be around 59
    Thrid use the search button first and 97gpsleeper has a wealth of info maybe send him a pm about it

    but as always you can fill the ride plate holes and do all the free mods put new heads on or get yours milled, flame arrterors and on and on up to tripple pipes and big bores

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    Try and keep just one thread going, no need to start several on the same subject. I am sure that every question you have has been answered so take some time and read, learn to use the search button.

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    my apologies for opening a new thread


    sorry about starting a new thread...i will try and use the search feature from now on. Thanks for the info.

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