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    Cool reverse gate whoopsy

    ok so on the 4th of july i took my boat to the lake for some fun in da sun .... i resently went through the carbs and cleaned them and the general maintanance ..... well the boat was running the best it has sense i got it 3 months ago started on the first button push things like that you know the "things are working to good somethings gonna happen situation" well we go out riding for about 30 minutes or so and upon returning to the beach i slow down and head for the land well i get up close reach up and pull it back in reverse give it a little gas to slow down and guess what NO REVERSE and i come with in inches of running over my friend and his jet ski so i get to the beach look under the back of my boat and the right revese flap in GONE!! damn screw fell out and it broke off
    So its no big deal its part of owning a boat ... no big deal until i go to order a new one ..... DISCONTINUED .....
    my boat is a 96 speedster thinking a 98 99 2000 will fit the only differance is a year or so after my boat they went from dual revese gate cables to a single and the two flaps are conected with a strut .....
    Does anyone have any input on this or know if they will fit ?
    there is a 98/99 challenger 1800 up from my house im gonna go by and see if they measure out the same .......
    but any info would be great

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    reverse gates on seadoo speedsters

    I know this is an old request without any answer.. but I have the answer! I have a 95 speedster and lost the gate too! USE THREAD LOCK!

    cast aluminum not offered and very expensive. I have 2 657x motors and found that 1999 98, 97 sea doo gtx has a plastic gate and bracket. fits almost perfect for a very low used price off of ebay! just have to use longer bolts to attach ( plastic is thicker then the metal) and use a washer or two to shim out cable to clear movement of gate. I had to use the 99 bolt that connects the ball joint to make it clear gate. works perfect! bought the whole gate/bracket for 39 buks off of ebay. Everybody said IT WONT WORK! but it does! I imagine a lot of these can be changed over too. I took a chance and found out it works well! I am going to buy another and then sell my starbard side oem 1995 sea doo speedster reverse gate complete with bracket. I suspect it will pay for whole project.

    I also found that same 657x motor and many others use a 34.3 mm freeze plug in side of motor just under the exhaust. Try finding that out from seadoo? NEVER dont even list it as a part! auto parts store can help you with that. . 69 cents fixed the major oil leak on the port engine that led to me getting this whole boat for under 900 dollars woo hoo!!
    just take off manifold/exhaust and starter and you will see it right there. so if yours is leaking or fell out... now you can fix it!


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