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    1994 Sea Doo SPX - Cracked Head?

    So I have the opp. to pick up a 94 Sea Doo SPX for $800.00. The person I am buying from is stating that there is a cracked head on the rear cylinder. Not being much a mechanic, what is the cost to fix? Is this something that could be done on my own. Just trying to figure out if it is worth the purchase. Thanks for your input!!!


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    A cracked head is'nt a difficult fix. Just get all the bolds out and get a new head that fit's the engine, put in new gaskets and fasten the head the way they should be fastend ( see the manuals ).

    The problem is that a head doesnt crack so easaly, i usually dont trust those problems. Why not put in a new head yourself if that makes the ski more profitable.....

    Iff youre not mutch of an machanic i think you should think twice obout buing sutch a ski.


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    Dutchy right -
    The problem is that a head doesnt crack so easaly
    I would suggest you to check compression in front cylinder. If it is below 120 PSI you will need to rebuild top end.
    There is always an option to get remanufactured engine or cylinder exchange kit from SBT. They will need your engine or cylinders back. If you are going for engine rebuild and have crank in the cylinders head they will charge you extra $75.
    On other hand $800 sounds a little bit high to me. I just checked on criagslist and there a couple of SPX for $1300-1400 in running condition.

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