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    Quote Originally Posted by DRIFTER View Post
    I've tried that and it still comes on. I have been told there is some kind of module that can be plugged in that fixes the issue but I can't seem to find it?
    Probably you got this fixed by now but I leave mine plugged in and have no issues (D-plate in place of CAT) although mine is an '06 but think they are the same?!

    I'd like to post that on my '06 with: reeds, shaved head, 4-degree keyway, R&D intake and FF exhaust... I have to agree with post #185. For the EJK controller, you need 2.5-4.5-1-2-4-5.5 for the ski to run right. The OP suggests 5-5.5-0-0-4-4 which I respectfully disagree with. 5 on the cruise is far too rich for these mods (not sure what he means by "all the bolt-ons" though) and the last setting is too soon to transition to the full throttle setting since 4K to 5.5K is the lean spot!

    I altered post #185 slightly by using "1" on the full throttle setting and "2" on the cruise RPM fuel cut-in just cuz I don't think it needs anything added at idle and .5 added to full throttle (1 total since .5 is lowest) seems to work nicely for me. I know all skis are slightly different and so I'd also like to add that my riding takes place at 2K ft above sea level so I'd expect you might need to increase the idle and acceleration setting by .5 or 1 if you're at or close to sea level.

    Anyway, theres my .02

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    some info to a new owner

    2004 model...please tell me an engine upgrade to do and fuel controller not to be necessary, d-plate & wave eater clips already installed , 13/19 solas concord

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    I'm in desperate need for some input from the village on my EJK tuning settings.

    Info as follows.

    2007 GP1300R
    Air Inlet opened up on Cowl
    Stock head milled to 150psi
    GP1200R Waterbox
    Riva FF Exhaust
    Premix 40:1 Penzoil on 92-93 Octane

    And I did try my best to simply look through this thread for answers but it seams most all of the discussion is geared towards the Riva/RD Controller, Not EJK.

    ............OFF EJK WEBSITE.............

    Grn=low rpm add
    Yellow = Mid rpm add
    Red = High Rpm add
    Grn/Blu = Green engagement point
    Ylw/Blu = Green -> Yellow switch point
    Rd/Blue = Yellow -> Red Switch Point

    EJK lists the controller settings for "Stage 1" motors (Air Filter / FF Exhaust) to be as follows

    Grn = 2
    Ylw = 4
    Rd = 3.5
    Grn/Blu = 6
    Ylw/Blu = 4
    Rd/Blu = 5.5

    Thoughts on how EJK basic set up should be tweaked to be closer to what I need? I understand I'll have to dial it in on the water listening for burble and verifying the switch point RPM's are accurate. What I'm really hoping to find is a close set of settings for initial start up so I'm not immediately leaning the motor out.

    Also I get that the Rd/Blue switch should be opening up at ~5500RPM and the Green Switch on at ~2000RPM. Where about should I be trying to get the Grn>Yellow Switch to engage?

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Hi guys can anyone help me with the settings on my ski
    Ejk controller
    150psi heads,3íkey way, lightly ported, solas prop,uprated intake,Riva air filters and running 40-1 premix

    Any input would be great

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    Any thoughts guys tried to search it but nothing really comes uo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy456 View Post
    Any thoughts guys tried to search it but nothing really comes uo

    If you care to READ post #201 at the top of THIS page you'll find your answer! well as post #185 well as here:

    Good Luck with your ski

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    Thanks mate

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